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The Shift Towards Micro-SaaS: A New Era in the Software Ecosystem

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) landscape, once dominated by big players offering expansive all-in-one solutions, is undergoing ...

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Deciphering the Scale-Up Signal: When and How Startups Should Grow

Scaling is a term often glorified in the startup ecosystem. While growth can be indicative ...

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Start Thinking Early About Your Due Diligence Checklist

Please find a high-level Due Diligence checklist of the documents and reports that VC’s may ...

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Bad Actors Increase Ransomware Attacks on PE and VC Portfolio Companies

Mid-size companies are increasingly the target of ransomware bad actors. OV Partner Joel Kline notes ...

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PE and Software Trends and Deal Differentiators 

Bain Capital recently released its Global Private Equity report, which includes a deep dive into ...

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4 Reasons Technology Trends Matter for Software Executives

If you’re leading an enterprise software company, you’re probably juggling plenty of responsibilities. It might ...

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